Welcome to Dynamex Energy Solutions!

Welcome to Dynamyx Energy Solutions!


Dynamyx Energy Solutions is an Austin, TX based company specializing in Energy Audits, Energy Improvements, Testing, and Consulting for Residential, Commercial and New Construction.
At Dynamyx, our mission is simple;


  • Lower you Energy Bills
  • Improve the Comfort of your Home or Business
  • Increase the Quality and Value of your Home
  • Educate you on Ways to Save

We take pride in offering cost-effective improvements projecting our customers
to re-cover their investment with-in a very short period of time.

The first and most important step in this process is having one of our Certified BPI/HERS Raters perform a Comprehensive Energy Audit on your home to diagnose all areas of strength and weakness. The Dynamyx Energy Audit functions as an owners manual for your home: pinpointing inefficiencies, offering affordable solutions, and helping you understand how each of your home's components are collectively linked. Using this Whole-House Approach, we determine which improvements will generate the best combination of comfort, air quality, safety, and efficiency.  This enables you to see what repairs should be made based on cost effectiveness, and which ones shouldn’t. Additionally, we offer consulting at no cost to ensure complete understanding of all work performed. This can range from changes in daily habits, pros, cons and risks of improvements, recommended contractors, and other ways to save even more. Please refer to the “Audits” tab to review everything that is covered and determine if your home would benefit from our “Home Energy Audit”.


Our Commitment

Dynamyx Energy Solutions and all representatives have obtained the highest levels of certification to ensure our customers receive the most comprehensive, thorough analysis possible. We stand behind our work and guarantee all services meet federal and state guidelines, as well as our customer’s expectations.

Save Money

Our number 1 objective at Dynamyx Energy Solutions is saving our clients as much money as possible. We are committed to excellence and only offer solutions that will not only save you money, but put any costs associated with our services back in your pocket as quickly as possible.

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