Duct Sealing

Sealing ductwork is considered the most cost effective measure of improving comfort and lowering your energy usage. We begin by performing a diagnostic duct leakage test to determine how much air you are actually losing. (Average Being 30% Loss). Once calculated, we use foggers to diagnose the exact leakage points and begin repairs. Dynamyx will then seal every A/C unit, duct collar, duct connection, boot, register, and actually run the length of each duct while sealing and getting as close to 100% efficient as possible. We not only seal current sources of leakage, but anywhere in the duct system that could potentially leak to prevent any future problems. Once completed, we will perform a post-test to guarantee we have solved the problem. In the instance that additional leakage still exists, we continue diagnosing and repairing the system until our desired result is achieved. In other words, we will not leave until your duct system is efficient. Our HERS Certified Technician will then provide you with before and after results and a projection of savings. Imagine your home Heating and Cooling 30% faster. Many of our customers recover the cost of this service with-in 2 to 3 months which from there can translate into thousands in savings over the next several years.