ECAD Energy Audits 

Do you need an ECAD Audit?


The Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance requires sellers in Austin, TX to have a certified Energy Audit conducted prior to the sale of their home. The process is relatively simple and much less critical than a home inspection. We focus on the 4 main energy components of a home: (HVAC Efficiency, Duct Leakage, Insulation, and Window Shading). This is only required for Austin Energy customers selling homes that are 10 years or older.




Below is a list of common exemptions that may apply to you. If unclear whether you are exempt, it is best to contact us for clarification. 


General Exemptions

  • Your home is outside of the Austin city limits.
  • Your property does not receive electric service from Austin Energy.
  • Your home is less than 10 years old at the time of sale.

Energy Efficiency Improvements through Austin Energy Programs

  • You have made qualifying energy efficiency improvements through the following Austin Energy programs within the last 10 years:
  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, a whole-home energy efficiency program
  • PowerSaver™ Program, through which you made three or more energy efficiency improvements or received a minimum of $500 in residential energy efficiency upgrade rebates (excludes Austin Water conservation, Austin Resource Recovery, solar installation, and other City of Austin rebates)
  • Weatherization Assistance (available only for customers with low-to-moderate incomes)



Pricing: ​

  • ECAD Energy Audit (1 HVAC System)   -  $125.00
  • ECAD Energy Audit (2 HVAC Systems) -  $175.00
  • ECAD Energy Audit (3 HVAC Systems) -  $225.00
  • ECAD Energy Audit (4 HVAC Systems) -  $300.00
  • ECAD Energy Audit (5 HVAC Systems) -  $350.00
  • Solar Audits & Bids for Rebate Program-$120.00


Dynamyx Advantage:


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  • Same Day Scheduling/Audit
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