ECAD Energy Audits

The first, and most important step in achieving a more comfortable, energy efficient home is scheduling a Home Energy Audit. The Dynamyx Energy Audit functions as an owner’s manual for your home: pinpointing inefficiencies, offering affordable solutions, and helping you understand how each of your home’s individual components are collectively linked. Using this Whole-House Approach, we determine which repairs, upgrades, and replacements generate the best combination of comfort, air quality, safety, and efficiency.

At Dynamyx, our mission is simple:

  • Lower your Energy Bills
  • Improve the Comfort and Air Quality of your home
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of your home (Carbon Monoxide, Moisture Issues)
  • Increase the Quality and Value of your home
  • Conserve our Countries Limited Energy Resources

Once completed, Dynamyx will provide a detailed summary that pinpoints areas of improvement and organizes them based on cost effectiveness. We itemize this report to display (Cost of Improvements, Projected Savings, and Return on Investment). This enables you to distinguish between what improvements are cost-effective and which ones aren’t. You can follow our instruction and choose to make these improvements yourself, or have one of our Certified Auditors do it for you.

Additionally, we provide consulting services to Audited Customers at no cost to ensure a complete understanding of all work performed. This can range from changes in daily habits, pros, cons and risks of improvements, recommended contractors, and further ways to save even more.